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Sounds a lot like a scene from Redemption, starring Jason Stratham. He's homeless, he's being chased... he escapes into this rich guy's apartment, via, I believe it's the skylight. Turns out the rich guy is out of town for several months and Jason Stratham takes over the guy's apartment and his identity and uses the opportunity to redeem himself on many ...


Friday the 13th: The Series, episode 13 O'clock (as Walt commented on the original question).


Sounds like Engagement from 2012. Henry has just learned that his fiancée Carolyn has a twin sister, Laura. While Carolyn leaves town for a few weeks, Laura temporarily moves in to Henry and Carolyn's apartment. Upon Laura's arrival, Henry suspects that Carolyn is testing his fidelity by playing the role of her imaginary twin sister. He immediately ...


I think film that you are looking for is Ghost in the Machine. Karen Allen was the main actress in that; it was the same year she played the mom in the always classic The Sandlot.

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