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Pretty sure it was Pete. On the Talking Dead, although they didn't say who. Morgan was asked how he reacted to Rick executing. Chris then stopped as though he knew he just said something he shouldn't of.


I vote Rick shot Reg. He was going to turn anyway and Deanna knows this. Also the trauma of killing Reg by slicing his throat may just be the incentive that that "porch dick" Pete needs to clean his act up. Not that Rick will let him have Jess back.


Most people (including my wife) seem to think that Rick clearly shot Dr. Pete, but that the producers just chose not to show it directly because it was perhaps just a bit too graphic. I say "Bull Gronky!" On this show, there is nothing that they love better than to graphically "show it". Can you remember poor little Beth Greene? I don't know who or what ...


From USA Today's "The 5 most shocking moments in the 'Walking Dead' season finale": Thus: Pete.


I will try to expand this answer a little more tomorrow.. Most of the fence zombies are latex props, not actually people. I'll try to find some interviews where they talk about this. Here's a segment on how they lop off heads.

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