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Well Another suggestion is the Actual Infection mentioned in the program which is actually called Pneumococcal by what Dr S Said. Where it is not actually classed as the flu.


In the TV show The Talking Dead, they explain it as the zombie virus (also known as the walker virus) being airborne. This simply means that if a person ever gets an open wound such as a cut on the face or hand or anywhere else on the body, you already have the zombie virus in you. So when Carl was shot, that means that zombie virus got in him through ...


It's usually a combination of liquid latex, fake blood and some other materials. Special Effects guru Tom Savini once used real pig intestines, but apparently the stench was so offensive he had to re-think his strategy. I've seen this description on a few sites: Lay out multiple layers of liquid latex on a flat surface, like a glass or marble ...


When someone turns it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours.


They do but if your talking specifically Bob and Garrett they cooked the meat first so it basically deleted the disease so they didn't turn, if that's what you're asking.


Beth was walking away w/ her group til Dawn made the last minute demand for Noah. Just before Dawn does that, she turns slightly to her officers and then speaks. Her sociopathic control was at risk. She was all about maintaining her power and could not let herself appear weak in front of the others. It was who she was was at her core. Beth finally "got ...

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