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From Vampire Diaries Wiki: Hybrids are obligated to serve Klaus because his blood created them and they feel loyal to him because he freed them from the pain of turning every full moon. They have limited free will, along with lack of control. This lack of control and their susceptibility to mind-control is a curse which only hybrids have. EDIT: In ...


Because it didn't work the first time; it only made things worse. This is a recurring theme in both The Vampire Diaries and it's spin-off, The Originals: vampires using their powers to do "bad" things for "good" reasons, and how it rarely turns out well. In this case, Elena chose to use Damon's power to make a complex problem -- Jeremy's situation with ...


That is because Katherine was a Doppelgänger who can take on the look and traits of Elena. Including her cloths and behavior. It's an evil force that brings evil or misfortune.


It's called a curse because the original witch (his mother) did a spell on him to suppress his werewolf part. At the end of season 2, he broke the curse. He could turn freely thereafter and the the curse no longer exists.


It's a curse because he has the disadvantages of both. He thirsts for blood while suffering the effects of turning into a Wherewolf.


from Vampire Diaries wikia: Damon came with Elena here(Bree's Bar in Atlanta, Georgia) in the episode Bloodlines to ask Bree for help. Damon, hoping to release Katherine from the tomb without the crystal, seeks out Bree's help. Damon needed the help of a witch to know and to open the seal on the tomb of Katherine. Bree was a witch who was on friendly ...

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