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As far as I can tell, it comes from The Untouchables film. Films According to searches at Subzin, The Untouchables was the first with this line, but has been emulated in at least 20 other films since 2000. The Untouchables (1987) 01:21:23 Brings a knife to a gunfight. The Target Shoots First (2000) 00:17:38 What are you doing, Max? Bringing a knife to a ...


First of all, for me this scene is actually the best of the movie. I think it is really intense and exciting and especially the long waiting time builds much tension. So much for the subjective part. Like said, the long waiting time is especially to build up tension, so you know what is going on, learn to know the different people walking this nighty ...


Why add it to the scene? to demonstrate the "bystander effect" of both the people within the station and Eliot. an excellent plot device to raise the tension and suspense

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