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I'll admit I'd never seen it in cinema, so I was unaware of some of these bits. The only reason I could see to cut those bits would possibly to alter the censor ratings, it's a well known fact that sometimes films (and tv series) when rated get given one thing for cinema/broadcast but when they are put onto a media format sometimes the show/films wants to ...


I know you may not want to hear this, but is it possible you're mis-remembering things? It would be against the law for the film to be released under a different cut on home video without it being re-assessed by the BBFC. As you can see on their website, however, no changes were made. (The running-time difference due to the change in frame rate from film ...


Truman's world was a stage for advertisements, not a prison, a matrix, or a zoo specifically for Truman. It was not about unknowing incarceration, Truman was just a prop. Truman's world needed to be believable for the outside world, the audience, not for Truman himself. People wanted to see the real life, or at least a theme park version. For this to work ...


I'll interpret your question to specifically relate to US adoption laws, as you are referring to the case in the Truman Show. I am not a legal expert - but I've briefly reviewed "Corporate personhood" (from Wikipedia) and "Who May Adopt, Be Adopted, or Place a Child for Adoption?" (pdf from childwelfare.gov). I think in short the answer is no - under ...


I don't know if it was ever included in a print of the film, but I found a "documentary" that played on Nick at Nite on YouTube that is exactly the footage you are describing:


Adoption requires close scrutinizing of the prospective environment and guardians. They don't just allow anyone to adopt, and it is inconceivable that an entity (such as a corporation is) could actually adopt a child. The movie was purely satire about the voyeuristic nature of our current entertainment choices (particularly "Reality TV" shows).


Weird because I had almost the opposite recently happen. I had seen The Truman Show numerous times in the past, and recently saw it again and I swear there were whole scenes in this Bluray release that I had never seen before, and I remember the original being structured differently. In the Bluray release, we only start seeing the viewers watching the ...

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