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Carpenter found he was way too busy with filming The Thing (mostly due to the location shoot but also the post-production) and passed the duties off to someone else. He also stated that he really wanted to work with Morricone as he was a big fan. As for why the soundtrack sounded much like his own, Morricone said he wanted to make it feel like it was a John ...


Been searching and found this timeline picking up on a lot of timeline objects, but not specific to infections. Also, this Two-part infection timeline analysis might be the closest thing you get to a timeline chart to this movie. Best of luck :]


On the same site you linked to (Outpost 31), there are interviews with John Carpenter and Stuart Cohen (the producer). In both of these interviews, both men are repeatedly asked to disclose when various characters were assimilated. The answer to every single one of these questions is the same: "We don't know." There are any number of fan-created ...


Rather conveniently, producer Stuart Cohen has a blog devoted to his experience while working on The Thing, and it includes an entry about the score. In a perfect world, given unlimited time and resources, I think John would have preferred to compose the music for THE THING himself. The realities of the work yet to be done, however, combined with the ...

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