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This is the Simpsons' recreation room. It has indeed been rarely used in the series, but has appeared on the show a few times. Here's one of them (from Lady Bouvier's Lover, Season 5, Episode 21): And here's another appearance, from Three Men and a Comic Book (Season 2, Episode 21): The fact that it is rarely seen was parodied in White Christmas Blues ...


Undetermined. The mystery is an intentional running gag and their true state of residence is never revealed. Instances when it does seem to be revealed or at least approximated are usually illogical, altered later or contradicted with some other information. From Wikipedia: Because of the many contradictory statements regarding Springfield, it is ...


Talking to TMZ, Matt Groening said: He was always yellow, and they painted him wrong once. 'At the time we didn't have enough to do retakes, so when there were glitches and mistakes it stayed that way. 'He was never 'black', it was an accident. ( So he was always supposed to be yellow white like rest of the characters, not ...


This is a reference to the opening scene of the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey in which an alien monolith appears among a group of ancient apes and imbues them with the beginnings of human intelligence while Thus Spake Zarathustra plays. Here is a clip on YouTube:


Homer was not regrouping at a prearranged place, a safe point or a tactically strong point, but at a sea food restaurant! Typical of Homer. The only thing that would be more typical of Homer is regrouping at either Moe's or a donut shop.


This outfit is from the episode "Father Knows Worst" (S20E18): Having burned his tongue and rendered it extra-sensitive to taste Homer samples the bland food at the school cafeteria where he also sees for himself that Bart is a hopeless scholar and Lisa a social outcast. He decides to be a good father by teaching Lisa how to be a popular socialite and ...


I believe the earliest example is the 1945 film "The Lost Weekend". "The film also made famous the "character walking toward the camera as neon signs pass by" camera effect." You can find the relevant scenes in the film here, from 01:05:00 onwards Purely as a matter of interest, There's an entire tropes page devoted to the genre of 'Drunken Montages' ...


Because the actress that voiced her, Maggie Roswell, had a pay dispute with Fox which ended with her quitting. A different actress was hired to voice the other more minor characters she originally voiced until the dispute ended a few years later. The dispute is discussed in detail at the above wiki link (and other sites).


Aside from the obvious answer: It's a cartoon--we can make some assumptions with real-world data. The average Nuclear Power Plant Operator's salary is 72.5k a year. The average house price in Springfield, oh...let's say Missouri is 107k. Let's say that this is a really nice house for the area and they paid $150k. Let's figure they got in on an OK interest ...


I'll field this one. Let me ask you a question: Why would a man with a respectable reputation in other SE communities spend his time on off-topic questions in a movies and TV site instead of trying to get more silly hats before the clock runs out? :P [Besides, the 'error' was thoroughly cleared up by Xena:]


The joke is in the incredulousness (and the inappropriateness) of a band called 'The Hillbilly Bugger Boys'. Whilst 'Bugger' is British colloquial slang for 'damn', 'Buggery' is the act of anal sex, typically performed upon another male. So, if someone were to say (translated) "I'm a fan of 'the Trailerpark Gayboys", the shock reaction on hearing their ...


According to the Simpsons wikia: "Four Great Women and a Manicure" is the twentieth episode of Season 20, which aired on May 10, 2009. Valentina Garza wrote the episode, while Raymond S. Persi directed. Jodie Foster guest starred as the voice of Maggie. It should also be noted that this is the only episode where Bart is not seen, nor mentioned. He was ...


He usually runs unopposed. The only time he did run against anyone he lost but that was to Sideshow Bob. Quimby was re-instated when Bob is found guilty of fraud and imprisoned. He also survives a recall election, with no candidate in the race against him garnering the five percent necessary to force a recall


42 Evergreen Terrace is the address of the Simpson family home. In order for the Simpson family to purchase the home, Abraham Simpson sold his old house and wrote Homer a check for $15,000, allowing him to pay the down payment on the house. In No Loan Again, Naturally it is revealed that the Simpsons are unable to afford their mortgage anymore, due ...


You're referring to the episode 500 Keys from season 22, where Lisa says: Get thee behind me, Namuche! That's the Buddhist Satan. Namuci (sometimes transliterated as Namuche) does seem to be another name for Mara. From Wiki: In the Maha Samaya Sutta, the defeated antagonist of the Buddha, Mara also known as Namuci or the "Dark One" is described as ...


While the series always tried to make the state a mystery so that Springfield could be anywhere, Matt Groening has confirmed that Springfield is based in Oregon the state where he grew up.'s_State


I don't think it was The Simpsons... I think you're remembering Family Guy's pilot episode. Peter asks Lois for permission to attend an upcoming stag party. After he promises he won't drink, Lois lets him go. Unfortunately, Peter forgets his promise to Lois and plays such drinking games as "Drink the beer". In that party, this dialogue occurs: ...


The Simpson's is an "episodic" series not a a "serial", like many situation comedies. Very often in an episodic series events in one episode often have no or little impact on future episodes. You could ask why homes that were blown up in one episode are back in the next for instance.


While the Simpsons absolutely exist "in the now" they never age within their own universe. So I think it's fair to say that in addition to perpetual state of age, that it'd make sense to have perpetual state of employment by default. There's also the practical issue of these voice actors already having a whole lot on their plate. That they have this many ...


The FCC license radio and television stations with a W prefix for the east coast and a K prefix for central and west coast stations. Since the radio station featured in several episodes is KBBL it cannot be on the east coast.

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