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This is a reference to the opening scene of the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey in which an alien monolith appears among a group of ancient apes and imbues them with the beginnings of human intelligence while Thus Spake Zarathustra plays. Here is a clip on YouTube: ...


Because the actress that voiced her, Maggie Roswell, had a pay dispute with Fox which ended with her quitting. A different actress was hired to voice the other more minor characters she originally voiced until the dispute ended a few years later. The dispute is discussed in detail at the above wiki link (and other sites).


You're referring to the episode 500 Keys from season 22, where Lisa says: Get thee behind me, Namuche! That's the Buddhist Satan. Namuci (sometimes transliterated as Namuche) does seem to be another name for Mara. From Wiki: In the Maha Samaya Sutta, the defeated antagonist of the Buddha, Mara also known as Namuci or the "Dark One" is described as ...

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