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As far as I can tell, it comes from The Untouchables film. Films According to searches at Subzin, The Untouchables was the first with this line, but has been emulated in at least 20 other films since 2000. The Untouchables (1987) 01:21:23 Brings a knife to a gunfight. The Target Shoots First (2000) 00:17:38 What are you doing, Max? Bringing a knife to a ...


Schnittberichte.com lists five (2004 version) or eight (1989 version) different German versions, all of them cut to some extend, to make a realease in Germany possible. The reason given for the ban (actually just not giving the label of "not suitable for youth" (~fsk 18) ) of the uncut movie is given as "wegen exzessiver Gewaltdarstellung und ...

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