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It is totally possible to tell the difference between Borden and Fallon. I was watching the movie today and noticed that Fallon has a small nick in his left eyebrow whereas Borden does not. At any point in the movie that has a reasonably close shot of the characters left side you can tell whether it is Borden or Fallon.


My understanding was that Cutter start sympathizing with Borden for his loss of life. Cutter was intially with Angier only, however when he saw that Angier got one innocent man hanged and also took his daughter just for revenge. So he got disgusted. Also, he wanted to destroy that machine also because it was not magic trick but real dangerous ...


Answer is actually simple. You asked why Angier looked shocked. At point of the movie the TESLA transported man works. Basically Angier committed suicide by falling into a tank and drowning. This was obviously conceived by Angier probably to prevent two Angiers from existing at the same time. And he chose to drown because Cutter told him that it was like ...


It was explained in the movie. Angier was given a diary, but the diary was fake and sent Angier on a wild goose chase that almost ruined him. Borden had no idea that the wild goose chase worked, so he went to investigate. That's all. There was no intent to entrap and kill Borden. Angier already knew he had the best trick, so there was no reason to do ...

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