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Well, for a start, he provided an interesting historical anchor for the story. But even more than that, the real Nikola Tesla was quite an enigmatic and visionary researcher with many ambitious ideas (though, I guess a teleportation/cloning machine might have been a bit over the top even for him), that not all found the appreciation that they might have ...


My understanding was that Cutter start sympathizing with Borden for his loss of life. Cutter was intially with Angier only, however when he saw that Angier got one innocent man hanged and also took his daughter just for revenge. So he got disgusted. Also, he wanted to destroy that machine also because it was not magic trick but real dangerous magic/...


As we clearly see in the movie it just took seconds for Cutter to find Borden's transportation magic. I think, though Angier kept Cutter out of the back stage, he was managing the things left by him. So he could have easily found the trick behind the magic which was real science. It's the curiosity of a magician.


Were Borden and Fallon real twins? Yes they were real twins. They were there from start, that is the reason Bordon was not able to answer the question when Angier asked which knot he tied to his wife, as it is possible other brother was present. As per wiki, quote from wiki: He then realizes that "Borden" was actually identical twins who shared their ...

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