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Here's the way I understood it: The husband was killed in the trenches, and is doomed to haunt that place (as his wife and children are doomed to haunt the mansion). He comes home to visit his children, but eventually returns to the front. It is also hinted that his relationship with his wife was strained even when they were alive, and that this strain is ...


Grace and the 2 children, Anne and Nicholas, are dead and ghosts, but they don't know they are until they found out at the end of the movie. Her husband is also dead. Grace killed her children when she was psychotic and then killed herself. The husband was killed in the war. The 3 servants (Mrs Mills, Tuttle the gardener and Lydia) are also ghosts but they ...


Let's start from your second question: why is he there? Obviously, to increase the eerie factor and to further convince the audience that Grace and her children have a haunted house problem at hand. Now, in the context of the movie, which I believe is what you want to know, I don't think it is ever explained how this whole ghost thing works, so I can only ...


I would think so as the car that family moving in are driving are 1930s (I think it's Christler Duesenberg). Husband going and not comming back from second world war (1939-1945) and them knowing that war is over, would imply that it's around 1945+. This then makes it probable that she indeed died only a while ago.


I don't think they actually think about what happened after "mother wen mad". Grace explains her experience of their death like this Grace: I tried to wake you up... But you didn't move. I said to myself: "It's happened... I've killed my own children". I put the rifle to my forehead and pressed the trigger... But nothing happened, and instead of the shot,...


The husband is killed whilst on the front line and just comes home to say goodbye to his family before going back to haunt the place where he was killed. He regrets going to war more than he can say, but feels destined to haunt the trenches because for some reason the 'law' is that the ghosts must haunt the place where they died (like the three housekeepers ...


In the end , it is revealed that Nicolas family is dead and Victor's family is alive. That's is the whole twist of movie, that they are not aware that they are dead and they think others as dead. Refer Wiki


The old lady says "i think he don't even know where he is". I think he don't find his wife but the opposite (she find him lost in the mist because she need him), he is lost in " the mist" probably because the traumatics events of the war, this explain his personality... He never back to hone, is always lost

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