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The Naked Gun is a fabricated title designed to evoke the old police thrillers of yesteryear. The film is an offshoot of a short-running TV series, Police Squad!, which starred Leslie Nielson in the same role and which itself is a pastiche on an older series from the 50s called M Squad - even going so far as to emulate the theme tune and keep the main ...


I'll start by saying this is all guessing, I have no proof... it's also a lot easier to explain why they didn't use Angel Stadium rather than why they didn't use the Dodgers team. First off, it's definitely Dodger Stadium. The Wikipedia page for the stadium even states that: The baseball scenes from the first Naked Gun film were filmed at Dodger ...


A Naked Gun is a gun attached to a cowboy's belt for a quick draw- it's not in a holster, it's attached via a slide mechanism and appears "naked" outside a holster. No idea if it was really used in the old west or just in books, movies and TV shows in the 1950s-60s.

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