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I guess The Master has a "happy ending" showing the blurring of the borders between protagonist and antagonist, good and evil. In the end we're all just men (or women). We do what we used to do, make ourselves happy, and hope this isn't our only life. Here is a good theory by some member in a forum: When he is having sex and brings up Dodd’s practice, ...


There are a plethora of articles online detailing this now. I'll list some of them now. This blog details some similarities: ...the movie does draw extensively on Scientology and its past. Anderson finally admitted outright a couple weeks ago that he based the charismatic leader Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman) on Hubbard, adding that much of the ...


As with most artists and writer/director auteurs such as Paul Thomas Anderson, I think he wishes the ending to be interpreted differently for each viewer. Movie interpretations can always be subjective, and often have no right answer. I think the easiest and most literal interpretation one can assume is that Freddie took this journey to find himself, got ...


I feel like the end of the movie might be alluding to a more whimsical answer. Maybe Freddy is waking up from a self induced hypnosis where he experienced a possible future for himself in one of his alternate life paths.

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