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I think the ending is intentionally ambiguous, so each member of the audience can draw their own conclusion. Even if Ottway kills the Alpha, will the rest of the pack let him survive? If you watched past the credits, you saw that there was a very short (maybe two seconds) scene where we see Ottway and the Alpha wolf after they fight. They're both alive, ...


Its almost certain that after someone or something kills the alpha of a pack, then the other wolves back off, praise, or even make them the new leader of their group. Because the alpha was lying weakly on the bed of snow at the brief scene after the credits, it should be obvious that he was killed or in the middle of dying. Otherwise, he'd undoubtedly be ...


It's symbolic: honor your life and confront your fears. The whole movie was about his ambivalence about living after his wife died. He fought the enemy honoring "life" and symbolically, he won. That's my take.


Live and die on this day... the wolf died, Liam lived. Otherwise the wolf would have been eating him and his buddies would have joined in. Either that way, or Liam found the meaning of life on the same day he died.


I think the ending is fairly obvious, if you recall toward the beginning of the film Ottway shoots a wolf trying to attack the drillers. While the injured wolf is dying in the snow Ottway hovers over it and places his hand on the wolfs chest, the entire time we are clearly seeing the final labored breaths of the dying animal which is very similar to the ...

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