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The line is spoken by three people -- Chunk, Mikey, and Mikey's mother -- and in each case, the dialogue helps develop each person's character: Chunk says it twice, out of frustration when people don't listen to him, suggesting he is often ignored Mikey says it three times, as a cover-up for when he had previously mispronounced something, suggesting he ...


"Common, Walsh, there's fifty more house to tear down after yours!" emphasis Troy's. The Walsh'es and their neighbors face foreclosure (for some legally questionable reason) on their homes from the expanding Astoria Country Club. Presumably the Walsh family lives between the country club and everyone else. However, it seems unreasonable that the 50 ...


This is only a guess, but it makes sense to me: The person who made the map was a native English speaker. He made the puzzle in English. He then translated it into Spanish either because he was told to or just to make it harder for other people to read. Either way, he didn't care about making the rhyme work in Spanish, only in English.


First of all, though I'm sure it's not the answer you'd be most pleased to hear, but it's The Goonies. This movie is primarily intended as a light-hearted entertaining adventure. The fact that the words magically rhyme in English is just a minor logical flaw sacrificed for the movie's atmosphere, since the movie is originally done and supposed to make sense ...

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