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Fredo was the Underboss. Number 2. With Michael out of the way, Fredo is the new Don and Roth gets control over the Corleone empire. Fredo is naive and stupid. But, he is a mobster and make no mistake about it, he is very greedy and gets pushed around by everyone - Moe Greene, Sunny, Michael, his alcoholic wife, etc. Fredo was in on the hit. He had to ...


My answer is that it was a mistake that Coppola and Puzo missed. The hit was intended to kill him (the scene is actually based on a real life incident where a cop broke up a hit in a bar). Mistakes get made, even by the best. Just like the discrepancy between the date on Vito's tombstone in Part 1 (April, 1887) and the date we are given for his birth in ...

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