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To expand panthers answer, actually they confirmed that the pin has a meaning, but it is a secret. It is not only one pin, but different pins with different shape and color, but all showing an alien. You can find several discussion and theories of fans about the theme in the net, but no confirmed answer. There is a short behind the scenes video about this ...


No, there is not meaning of them in TV series till now. It is noted as Trivia in Wikia Howard wears alien pins on his collar in every episode, yet the pin has not been mentioned thus far.


In Episode 515, The Friendship Contraction, we can see how Sheldon genuinely values his friendship with Leonard, beyond that of a mere chauffeur or delivery-man. When Leonard invokes a clause of The Friendship Agreement that allows him to be only an acquaintance, Sheldon concocts a scheme where he turns off the power to the building, then tries to sell ...


Yes. Definitely. There is a recurring theme in the show in which there are moments that show Sheldon genuinely cares about Leonard - all selfish reasons aside. For example, in this clip towards the end, you can see one such moment: Sheldon talks to Penny when she is contemplating breaking up with Leonard. Sheldon: Please don't hurt my friend. ...


As a writing device, it's far funnier to let the viewers imagination run away with the wild descriptions that Howard gives. Additionally, by not showing Howards mother, the writers are able to characterize and describe her any way they like, without having to find an actor who lives up to that description. Howard repeatedly describes his mother as having no ...


He's right. Sheldon is just going with the alternate future created by "Biff giving almanac to his younger self and younger Biff starting to use it in 1958, and this alternate future doesn't contain Doc and Marty as people using the time machine to go to the future, as Doc would be in prison and Marty stepson of Biff as shown in the second part of the movie ...


The first time Sheldon asks Penny to sing the song, she does not know it, so he teaches it to her. He is sick and sings it a little off. So she sings it the way she remembers Sheldon teaching it to her.

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