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In episode 7 season 1. Around 3 minuts in the show rajs respond to Lennert while penny is standing in the doorway.


Sheldon nine seasons in is a very different character in some ways from the person he was in season 1. Season 1 Sheldon would never consider having sex with a person simply because of the unpredictability and lack of control of the fluid exchange. But in the nine years since he's adapted many of his behaviours. Its' entirely possible that his hospital hissy ...


Sheldon has gone to the Hospital multiple times, before and after "The Engagement Reaction". He doesn't like doing it, but he's normally guilt-tripped into it, as part of social convention. Even in "The Engagement Reaction": Penny: Okay, you know what? You are unbelievable. You buy all these superhero T-shirts, but when it’s time for you to step up and ...


Raj referenced "The Prince Bride" in the episode The Workplace Proxemity (S7E5). In this episode, Raj tells Leonard that he and Howard were eating cookie dough while watching The Princess Bride. These are the only two references of "The Prince Bride" in TBBT and I assume that they have nothing to do with Kripke’s speech impediments, because Kripke pretends ...

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