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It's a real obscure word that Sheldon's actor overheard and decided it was funny to use. From an interview with AOL: "One of the writers, he used to say it, apparently in the writers' room. That's the tale I've heard. But I remember it wasn't in a script. It was one of those moments where we'd work on a scene and then you'd go and take notes from the ...


In the US, the ground floor is the first floor... so there are only three flights of stairs between the ground floor and the fourth floor. There's no missing floor.


Howard says in season 3 when they go through the box where they find the ring (this is a paraphrase I don't remember the exact quote) what he says is I use to have one of these dolls I pretended my dad was ubtucted by aliens and that this guy would bring him back. So Howard wears it because of his childhood life so he would remember to take a step back and ...

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