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Here's a quick rundown of the changes so far. Spider-Man In Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, the web shooters are organic mutations that were a result of the genetically engineered spider bite. In Amazing Spider-Man, they stuck to the comic book roots and had Peter invent mechanical web shooters that use a formula partly developed by his father. Peter's Past ...


It isn't neccesary... it's symbolic. Spiderman has had his webslingers destroyed by Connors, so he only has his adhesive abilities. In one hand he is holding the antidote, so he can't let go of that. When the tower collapses, he is thrown violently downwards towards the building. The only way he could survive the trauma of impact is to roll, and the ...


Well, according to this page on The Amazing Spider Man Wikia, and Entertainment Weekly, this is Gustav Fiers, AKA The Gentleman, a sinister figure with ties to Oscorp and the Sinister Six. From EW (about a scene in the 2nd movie): The final moments also feature a scene with Harry, now in his own cell in Ravencroft, taking a call from The Gentleman ...


I've just watched the film again for the 3rd or 4th time and I actually think she does, because her reaction to the news and then when he walks in afterwards, she tells him it'll be ok, as a reaction to what she saw


Aunt May doesn't know that Peter is spider-man. She thinks he is a just a teenager having a tough time, and when he finally get the eggs, to her its just a sign of him trying to make an effort to try to get back on a better note with her.

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