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Neesson during a roundtable interview with a number of other journalists. During the group interview Neeson talked about how the sequel came together, what it was like filming in Istanbul. They set it in Istanbul and he thought, ok that’s certainly one city I would love to see. What surprised you the most about working in Istanbul? Either the under ...


After they were kidnapped Bryan did three things: he counted how long it took them to get to where they were using his watch. given an average moving speed of the vehicle you can draw a rough radius from the hotel using this information alone. he listened for specific sounds during the trip. this wasn't used for the girl to find him, but instead is later ...


I believe the intention was to tell him that if he didn't cooperate his kid (or kids? I can't remember) would pay for his insubordination.


When he is kidnapped (and is busy memorising the route being taken), the Albanians first stop off at the local HQ and then take him to the second location where his wife is tortured. When his wife is moved after his escape, he guesses that the baddies would have taken her to their HQ. He is therefore able to retrace the route to it and rescue his wife.


I dare say that the director did not actively use a scientist to formulate this trick. I base this on the presence of goofs in the script that a scientist would not have made. However, it is certainly scientific and possible. I expect that the scriptwriters pieced this together based on three things: Triangulation: This is a pretty common trope used to ...


Yes, definitely. You can see the Galata bridge (which connects Eminönü and Karaköy) very often, and the Eminönü district in the background with its Mosques..e.g. when they are on the ferryboat..and there will be also a guy selling Turkish tea on those ferryboats ( But I actually never saw a Mercedes cab there, and I think they used ...


what brian did was actually calculate the displacement he travelled from one of the landmark.. So he got an approx distance, as he estimated the speed of vehicle (using sound of engine maybe?), and he counted the time. So distance is speed x time. Plus he noted the turns he made, so it gave him a rough idea of angle. Using simple mathematics (sine rule i ...


Both rooms had beds so it was definitely not just an extra office. It might be that he just wanted an extra room to keep his security stuff. It could also be a room rented for someone else on the security team (that left with the client). Both rooms seemed to be fully equipped to act as singles.

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