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Superman scream not because of the terrible feeling of a first kill. His fight with Zod kill thousands of innocent bystanders and he doesn't stop to the side and wailing. Superman scream because he realised by killing Zod, he become the last Kryptonian in the universe and his hope for reviving Krypton is crush to the ground.


Superman screamed because General Zod was his last hope to learn who his people were. Superman already felt as if he was alone and did not fit in. It seemed like he was hoping Zod would stop and come to his senses and maybe they could one day get along.


I recommend you read the Book "On Killing" by LTC David Grossman. Killing is not a natural act (nor jumping out of a plane...lol) and most soldiers spend time through basic training overcoming the resistance to killing. Its not like stomping ants. Clark was never conditioned to kill, unlike Zod where he was genetically made to not have that natural ...

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