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Pet Sematary is based on the novel of the same name. The name is described by the elderly neighbor, Jud. He explains that it was created by the children of the neighborhood to bury their dead animals killed on the heavily travelled road. The children had misspelled the name when it was created. Quoting the Stephen King novel: ...It narrowed, and then, just ...


I remember it as the sign placed by the children of that town. They misspelled it while putting it up.


As I recall, in the beginning of the movie, they tried not to go to Gatlin, but every time they turned away from it, the next sign they saw said they were headed toward it again, until they gave up and went in. The town was isolated from the world by more than just cut phone lines. You would go to Gatlin if and only if He Who Walks Behind The Rows wanted ...


It's a Stephen King story. You need to completly suspend disbelief or it's not going to work. Every single one of his stories leaves gaping holes in reality. I don't recall the entire story, but certainly older children could have learned some automotive tips from their fathers before they were killed. Most farming communities don't really abide by ...

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