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Tristan Reveur the artist who was talked about so much in the films father was blind and a chess player. This is the reason for the father being blind and also for the chess playing.


From reviewer Emanuel Levy: Henry's quest to be saved brings him into contact with a blind psychiatrist, Dr. Leon Patterson (Bob Hoskins), who is either Sam's mentor or Henry's deceased father–depending on your perception. The scene in which Leon regains his sight with Henry's help is played as a metaphor and reality, tapping into the roots of ...


In MTV interview, Marc Forster says - "When [McGregor] kneels down to talk to Ryan [at the accident], Ryan's perception is that the pants are up, so they're shorter. That's why Ewan's wearing shorter pants. And that's why visual clues have a meaning throughout the film."


For me, the transition from blindness to sight for the Bob Hoskins character personified Henry's "finally seeing" that he is dying/dead and must move on... just as the Bob Hoskins character gains his sight and then walks off into the fading-out train tracks. What an amazing film! Too bad that such gems of magnificence go so unnoticed by the masses. How sad. ...

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