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This is something usually done in post production, usually because something is wrong with the shot that wasn't noticed/couldn't be remedied on location. Often this can be lighting, with a particular persistence of direction needing to be maintained, and can sometimes be in order to crop out a blemish without sacrificing the framing of the shot. The most ...


its cause you couldn't hear David voice on the recording because of the head gear, so they had to dub it over and he wasn't about to do it, or that is what I was always lead to believe. ...


I eventually found out that it was done using an ordinary black powder exposion in slightly slow motion.


A double-bladed lightsaber (saberstaff) isn't an inherently Sith design, but has been long associated with them. One of the reasons that not very many Jedi use it is because it is an exotic weapon that only a few can teach (according to The Jedi Path). It also depends on the preferred style of Jedi. Count Dooku, while a Sith, used a saber with a bent hilt to ...

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