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Does the Matrix count? That was pretty big. @James: Apparently this was already brought up on sci-fi and fantasy stack exchange!!


If you are talking strictly size of a structure, construct, or creature, I'd have to say the Dyson's Sphere from ST:TNG S6E4, Relics. The Dyson's Sphere is a structure which totally encloses a sun. Wikipedia says: A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure that completely encompasses a star and hence captures most or all of its power output. It was ...


Are we talking about motion picture movies or creating the idea and concept of Star Wars? I have heard on a few occasions that Lucas began creating not just the idea but the story while he was at university with two other people, a classmate, and his roommate, to which they never received credit or acknowledgement, at least none that I can find.


TL;DR: This is never addressed directly in the original films - only in the lore that followed (and in particular the novels). There are ultimately three reasons why red lightsabers are predominantly used by the Sith: Red is a danger colour. Lucas wanted to distinguish between lightsabers rather than having them all the same colour. The backstory ...


Answered here If I may quote wholesale from user @Thaddeus' excellent answer Though synthetic crystals were ordinarily unsuitable for use in lightsabers, the Sith discovered that they could create synth-crystals that were energized, magnetized, and modified with the power of the dark side of the Force in special furnaces, causing the crystal to ...


You can see the original, unaltered clip here: If you're interested in all the special effects, there's a great documentary called Empire Of Dreams. It was basically comprised of a ...

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