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well, ask yourself this...with all the technology in our world alone, why are there still countries with no, or even bare minimum technology? Same kind of reason. In deserts around our world, you don't see a whole lot of tech either. In poor countries you don't see a lot of tech. In Star Wars, this is no different.


Some great long considered answers here. My simple theory which enables me to get lost in the movie is, if you can have cell phones and networks in "Low Tech" African nations you can have Light Sabres, Droids and energy shield on Tatooine.


Low-tech is relative. Sure, Tatooine is a desert hell-hole with moisture vaporators and everything. But they have plenty of technology - just not as much as other places, which is also very much related to the fact that Tatooine is very sparsely populated. The typical example of a very high-tech world would be something like Coruscant - a planet-wide city ...


To add onto the other useful answers here, Star Wars is usually considered a Space Western. A characteristic of the genre is that you usually don't see major urban centers, as westerns usually take place on the edges of civilization, where the law is weak and adventure can be imagined.


Frankly, Lucas wanted giant mega cities and shiny tech everywhere. But Money and Technology just wasn't there at the time. According to wikipedia: The concept of a city planet in the Star Wars universe originated with the initial drafts of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The planet was called Alderaan, and much of the action in the film transpired on ...


I don't think it's any kung fu or dark side act. After losing blood, he's weak entering the forest. He's staggering and probably getting tunnel vision from blood loss. I believe he's hitting himself to focus, trying to get adrenaline and endorphins pumping to help himself fight. Like a runner's high, his pain would be dulled enough to get the job done.


Anakin Skywalker was taken to the Jedi Order for training. At that time, it was unusual for them to train anyone as old as Anakin, for various reasons. The fact that Anakin is so powerful in the Force that they ended up training him anyway. (In hindsight, all the people who said he was too old were probably right.) Luke was not trained by the Jedi Order; ...


Force abilities and sensitivities are not, Skywalker family aside, inherited. You don't have to have force-capable parents or grandparents or ancestors to be able to use the force. As the Prequel Trilogy shows, force abilities are just a subset of having a high count of midichlorians. Jedi's normally went around, looking for kids that have this tendency, to ...


We don't know. He was, afterall, a stormtrooper. The reason he might have Force sensitivity is that in the movie, it is revealed that stormtroopers are not clones anymore, but are stolen as children. So Finn was taken from his parents at birth, and we don't know who they are, so in that respect there's just not enough information to say for sure. Yes, he ...


All we know in Star Wars is that Leia inserted a disc into R2-D2. At no point, do they explicitly say he has access to the information on the disk, or that it was uploaded into him. He never displays it as a hologram. When we see the blueprints used later, it's via the Rebel headquarters computers/display system. This is almost exactly like The Force ...


R2-D2 already had the plans for the Death Star in his memory banks, but these were (apparently) a set of high level architectural blueprints for the station rather than the sort of complex electrical schematics that Ben Kenobi needed, namely where to go in order to shut down the tractor beams for the docking bays. “Plug him in,” Kenobi suggested, ...


Padme was queen at a very young age the make up made her look mature and older. In The Phantom Menace she was 14 and Anakin was 9. In Attack of the Clones he is 19 and she is 24. In the last two episodes they don't look like they are years apart. Natalie was 16 and Jake was 8.


Unlike previous generations of TIE fighters, the Special Forces TIE/sf actually comes equipped with a compact shield generator. image from Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Incredible Cross-sections It would appear that Poe Dameron was able to activate this shield before the ship was hit with the blaster fire from the bay. It's mentioned slightly later on ...


To be honest, and this is after reading most of the comments here and drawing my own conclusion, I feel like a mix of things is my answer; Dark Force/Force Rage is my main. If you watch when he actually gets hit with it, his reaction is to then stand up and walk away; I feel like that moment is underrated, for him. The sheer strength that would take is ...

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