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It is from the first movie, The Phantom Menace. Search "dark side" at the attached website (ctrl+f for most browser shortcut), second entry.


The Walt Disney Company (Disney) bought Lucasfilm Ltd. including its subsidiaries in 2012 for roughly $4 billion USD. Star Wars was a property owned by Lucasfilm and so is now under control of Disney Management. For more information, see this USA Today article and this Bloomberg article. As for George Lucas not being in the Director's chair for Episodes ...


Wide shots were done in Tunisia. However, much of it was done on a miniature set using practical effects, supplemented with CG (Blue Screen) for the final cut.


Managed to find this location: Sidi Bouhlel, Tozeur, Tunisia according to Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) Filming Locations And on the Wikipedia page List of Star Wars filming locations there are various locations in Tunisia which were used for the Tatooine scenes. those are just the locations i know, but i think the sets were built, ...


Both. A Miniature for wide shots of the moving sandcrawler, and a partially built full size version for the close up shots with people: From page 18 of The Best of The Lucasfilm Archives: Off-the-shelf parts are an important part of big-movie model making. The sandcrawler craft used by the Jawas to scour the flatlands for minerals and plunder, ...


"Yes, it was Dave Prowse playing Vader in that scene. He had the prosthetics adhered to the back of his head for the shoot." I disagree. That doesn't even look like the meditation chamber. And I believe he wore that head cover to make the helmet more comfortable. It's obviously not a bald cap that he's wearing in that photo.


While fans typically refer to it as a "reactor shaft", more official materials refer to it differently. According to the script for the movie Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, where this event takes place, it is the melting pit connected to the power generator. INT. THEED - POWER GENERATOR - MELTING PIT OBI-WAN screams as the pulsing ...


Another "easter egg" type instance of things related to earth being included in the movie is the person in the potential Gemini/Mercury spacesuit in one scene. Thread discussing it here: But of course since this is a galaxy far ...


While the Battlestar Gallactica series did make reference to Earth that they didn't know if it existed or not, in Star Wars, never is Earth mentioned at all. That is different than saying that in the opening text it says "A long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away." One might say that at some other point earth is mentioned, but no, it is never mentioned. ...


Several characters in Episode I refer to humans - C3PO ("human-cyborg relations"), Anakin ("I'm the only human who can do it"), and a pod race announcer ("that little human being is out of his mind"). This is not a direct mention of Earth but Earth may well be an origin of humans.


Yes, although in all fairness more as a gag than as a serious canon fact. Then again, Jar-Jar Binks is a serious canon fact, so who am I to judge canon? :) I have discussed the links in detail in my answer to "Are E.T. and Star Wars in the same universe?" SFF Q&A. I shall now shamelessly borrow from that answer the way J.J. Abrams borrowed from Episode ...


Famously from the opening credits of Star Wars it is set ... Essentially this is an equivalent to the fairytale 'once upon a time' opening. It tells us that its not really important where or when the story is set. There are however exceptionally tenuous movie links to the Earth - in that you see creatures like E.T. in the Republic council meetings: ...


Yes, it is the same sound bite. The exact quote in ANH is, "We Think They May Be Splitting Up. They May Be On Level 5 And 6 Now, Sir." At least the first part is in both ANH and TFA.

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