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Stan Lee isn't casting himself in these cameos - it's a tradition which started back in 1989 with one of the original TV Hulk spin-off movies, one that has endured ever since. From The Trial of the Incredible Hulk - 1989 He may have a producer credit on the Marvel movies, but his involvement doesn't go any deeper than just being a beloved figurehead - ...


There isn't one. From Entertainment Weekly: In a new interview with Larry King, Stan Lee says he knows why [the 2015] Fantastic Four was such a flop: “It’s probably because I didn’t have a cameo in it.” Lee, who created the original Fantastic Four with Jack Kirby, added that the filmmakers didn’t discuss the story with him. In fact, he still hasn’t ...


No, Stan lee only appears in the film versions of characters he created alone - he was not the sole creator of Wolverine. This is also the reason why he does not have a cameo in Ghost Rider, Elektra or The Punisher. This subject has approached before in a couple of SE questions here and here.


Stan's appearances are a sort of wink to the screen, an in-joke to those that know who he is. All of the characters that he's appeared as have had no material signifigance to the universe, they're just there for on-screen fluff. There's no need to try and retcon these characters, they're all different characters played by Stan with no real story purpose.


For the case of X-Men: First Class According to lee's Twitter page, due to the filming taking place to far away he won't have a cameo in it.( For the case of X2: X-Men United Scooper 'Kailem' tells us that Stan Lee was interviewed on the "Filmfreak" radio station when he mentioned he will not have a cameo in X2... ...


Stan Lee says he just didn't have time to fly to Australia to film the cameo.


No, Stan Lee did not make an appearance in The Wolverine.


When the first X-men film was made (and with it, some would argue, the birth of the modern age SuperGenre) there was very little to establish a conflict of interest: in fact quite the opposite. Lee was probably very happy that Marvel Characters were being transferred to the big screen. As time has passed, and Movie Studios began to realize how lucrative ...

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