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It is the same character, Tran, in Vietnam and in China. The connection is easy to miss - I've watched this film a million times and just caught this for the first time today. Near the end of the film, when Muir is arranging the rescue with Duncan, he mentions to Duncan that Bishop had an old friend on the "Sideshow" op (Commander Wiley's op) going on near ...


Let's look at the options the CIA got: Pursue him legally. Although he has certainly broken the law with his actions, the CIA cannot just admit that they got deceived by a single employee who invaded a (quasi) enemy country with a marine team just to enforce his own private goals. That would be quite embarrassing. I don't think the few bosses from the ...


There may be something to Folger's and Muir's history -- maybe Muir's always read the NDA's and this is a departure. But regardless of that, here's my theory: Non-disclosure agreements often bind both parties. Muir can't talk without violating the agreement, but neither can the CIA. And if they do break the agreement, all bets are off. So if that's the ...


I have no research for this, but maybe Folger is considering that Muir has not been disclosing things to them - having signed a thousand NDAs, he is a man who keeps secrets. Moments later they discover his deception.

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