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Also "TV Funhouse" was a tv show spinoff of the animated shorts.


Wayne's World (movies), It's Pat! (movie), Coneheads (movie), Superstar (movie), The Ladies Man (movie), Stewart Saves His Family (movie), Macgruber (movie). I don't know of any TV shows that spun off from SNL. And I don't believe TLI was a spinoff, I'm pretty sure it was developed outside of Lorne Michaels' jurisdiction.


The biggest difference in genre that I can think of: The Simpsons is an animated spin-off from the sketch comedy show The Tracey Ullman Show. Labeling genre can be subjective. Here's my rationale... Genre is defined as: "a categorization of a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or ...


This thread gives some examples, including the following: Lou Grant was a drama that spun off from the sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show (this was already mentioned in an answer by Walt) The Perry Mason radio show was a soap opera/drama that spawned two TV series. The Edge of Night came first and was a soap opera/drama. A year later came Perry Mason, ...


Yes. Off the top of my head, Lou Grant from 1977 was a drama series, yet it was a spin-off of the sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show. [And dang it, I was going to mention Baywatch Nights too! ;)] It also worked the other way in the more obscure example of Beverly Hills Buntz, an NBC comedy with Denis Frantz that ran for one season in the late 80s and was a ...


I think an interesting example in this regard might be Baywatch Nights, which was basically a detective crime show, with Mitch Buchannon opening a private investigation agency. I would call this quite a contrast to the rather soap-opera-like lifeguard drama of the original Baywatch this was a spin-off to. And if this wasn't enough, the whole concept of ...

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