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Here's a quick rundown of the changes so far. Spider-Man In Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, the web shooters are organic mutations that were a result of the genetically engineered spider bite. In Amazing Spider-Man, they stuck to the comic book roots and had Peter invent mechanical web shooters that use a formula partly developed by his father. Peter's Past ...


From Wikipedia entry of Spider-man's power - The ability works through thin layers of cloth, such as the fabric of his costume, but not through materials such as the soles of shoes. When Peter Parker needs to crawl without changing into the costume, he removes his shoes first. Spider-Man's wall-crawling ability has increased with time, most ...


We don't know. At least I don't think it's ever revealed. He obviously took the Goblin suit from Oscorp and discarded the original helmet in favour of the new, scary, goblin one - but to my knowledge it's never shown where he got this helmet from.


There's a scene where the arms are clearly convincing him that he should build another one, and he isn't able to think clearly enough to realize why that is a bad idea. So I think it's more, "What's the arms' motivation?" My guess is that he built the arms in order to build the device, so when he created them, he gave them the compulsion that the device ...


Specifically in the films, Parker grows a hooked chitin from his fingers. Assuming he cannot do the same with his feet, he needs only to apply compressive stresses (think arches) to transfer the weight to his hands. So his feet would supply minimal support where his upper body would compensate for every movement.

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