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We don't know. At least I don't think it's ever revealed. He obviously took the Goblin suit from Oscorp and discarded the original helmet in favour of the new, scary, goblin one - but to my knowledge it's never shown where he got this helmet from.


Because plot? It's not a great answer, but I think it's the logical one. They could have made Doctor Octopus seem like the strongest person in the universe, but if Spiderman could have knocked him out with a single punch it would have looked a little ridiculous. We would have had a film with Spiderman running away/getting beaten up the entire time, until ...


There's a scene where the arms are clearly convincing him that he should build another one, and he isn't able to think clearly enough to realize why that is a bad idea. So I think it's more, "What's the arms' motivation?" My guess is that he built the arms in order to build the device, so when he created them, he gave them the compulsion that the device ...

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