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She doesn't heal him in a direct physical way but through a more emotional/psychological way. Nux is the character with the biggest arc in Fury road as his character changes immensely from his introduction till his exit. His mental turning point is defined by the touch from the scene you described so seeing a difference in his complexion is absolutely ...


Probable reason is blushing, her touch brings about a change of color. As they are war-boys, they must be alien to compassion/affection. So when touched suddenly, his face gets back some colour. And no she doesn't have healing power/effect. Because if that was so, she would have tried to heal Angharad's leg wound, earlier in the film.


This was definitely a prank. Danny and Rusty didn't want Linus in on every meeting, but Linus insisted he be involved. So they pre-arranged with Matsui to start a Zen-type discussion about, basically, nothing. At the end, they were to make it look as if Linus' ramblings almost cost them a job, in the hopes that Linus would back away from his desire to be ...


I got it. It finally occurred to me. And now it makes perfect sense that I couldn't even identify the gender or species of the speaker. The speaker is Peanut. He's talking to Jeff Dunham. I don't have the specific clip. The object is, believe it or not, a booger. Specifically, it's Jeff's booger. Spoken to the ventriloquist: "Make it talk" EDIT: And ...


It would be speculation only on my part but besides narrative decision if you must give justification to her action it could be that she inflicted more pain on him by killing herself rather than shooting him. however the average 19 century person probably would not know enough about psychology and the long term effects to have it be a conscious decision,


You can more easily find this specific excerpt under the name of "Riddiamo, riddiamo" (correct act 2 scene 2). It begins approximately at 1:25:00 and last approximately 3:30 (in the recording "Mefisofele, de Boito" 1989)

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