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The doctor asks if Marcus could stay with them and Will jokingly asks Suzie "my place or yours?". Now that's a line you'd rather ask a date you're going to hook up with and Will says that exactly as a joke to Suzie, playing with that meaning, who afterall was his date before the tragic events unfolded. But soon enough, and with the help of Suzie's confused ...


It doesn't seem to be a reference to a previous event, a movie or TV show, or to introduce a new plot: @OkSteev: Was the Garrett/Leonard staring scene a joke or is that a plot for a later day? @atrubens: Joke. Absurdism. This is from Alex Rubens' twitter post. Alex Rubens is one of the writers for Community.


I think both have different meanings. son of a gun Means a tough guy. Example: In the movie The Avengers when Iron-Man guides the missile into the portal, loses consciousness and the portal was about to close, he comes back to earth falling. At this time, Cap says "Son of a gun.", meaning Iron-Man is a tough guy (Can be interpreted in many other ways but ...


I think it was a joke of Garret wanting a seat at "The" table and Leonard protecting the viewers from that awkward possiblity. clever stuff, basically suggesting the viewers wouldnt really like garret.

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