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From the actual movie script, not a secondary source: FADE IN: 1 EXT. DESERT - DAY 1 Shimmering waves of heat. A flat unforgiving landscape stretches to infinity. A storm of dust gathers on the horizon, small at first, increasing in size as ...


I think the movie you're talking about is Waterworld (1995). The women was not rare, instead the Drifter played by Kim Coates had been out on the waters far too long.


TL;DR: He is digging for the thing you need the most in a desert: water. From the film's official novelization: A STORM GATHERED on the desert horizon. J'Onn paused in his work to stare beyond the wavering black bands of heat at the growing cloud of dust. Normally he would have headed back for the ramshackle shelter that served as home and ...


Water cure torture. (Sense of Irony) Victim is forced to drink water until the stomach fills until near bursting and is beaten until the victim vomits and the torture begins again. Dated to around 1898, by U.S. soldiers in the Spanish–American War. Matt's Colleague'Steve' who was filling Guillermo with water ("giving him a belly full of water!, you devil"). ...

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