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I want to say it was his polite way of saying, "Not really, it made me aroused." When men become aroused, well, you likely know what happens, and it can lead to some slight...discomfort? Cap is definitely still fairly old fashioned as you put it, and simply wanted to be polite and not vulgar.


Probably Angels With Dirty Faces. From Wikipedia: Rocky is then captured following an elaborate shootout in a building, and sentenced to die. Jerry visits him just before his execution and asks him to do him one last favor—to die pretending to be a screaming, sniveling coward, which would end the boys' idolization of him. Rocky refuses, and insists he ...


According to the commentary track on the laserdisc, Scorsese acknowledges that the final scene of Bickle (DeNiro) glancing at an unseen object indicates that he is like a ticking timebomb, and that at any moment he can fall back into a character full of rage and recklessness. The DVD commentary with writer Paul Schrader speaks about Bickle not being "cured" ...


It doesn't seem to be a reference to a previous event, a movie or TV show, or to introduce a new plot: @OkSteev: Was the Garrett/Leonard staring scene a joke or is that a plot for a later day? @atrubens: Joke. Absurdism. This is from Alex Rubens' twitter post. Alex Rubens is one of the writers for Community.


Here's my theory: You're right about the conversation being normal up to that point. But also notice that Doctor Williams' conversation with his wife is normal until he mentions Belgium. His wife is perplexed by the concept of Belgium just like the governor is perplexed by the concept of releasing prisoners, which makes me think that Voorman did that too. ...


Walt is correct in his comment. Flushing the toilet or turning on the cold water at a sink (in older houses) diverts cold water away from the shower in order to fill the toilet tank or fill the sink. He wasn't faking getting hurt, the water in his shower suddenly turned extra hot.


In S01E17 it became clear. In the scene when reverse flash / Eobard Thawne fall on the road he asks the robot Reverse Falsh: What's happening to me? In reply he got to know Robot: your time jump against flash caused a massive drain on your power. Your ability to super speed as well as travelling time has been completely depleted. And later we ...


This has been answered in Episode 10, but since this is a later episode to that in the question, I'll throw the explanation in spoiler tags:

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