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I think, you mean this song here, "Man Chang Fei"?


Smuggler's Blues was a single on Glen Frey's album, The Allnighter released on June 19, 1984. The song was written by Glenn Frey and Jack Tempchin. Miami Vice creator, Michael Mann heard Smuggler's Blues on the radio after Miami Vice had only been on the air for a few months. Mann immediately started working on an episode of Miami Vice inspired by the ...


There's a long page on the Tardis wikia which details many of the changes, and shows how sometimes it is merely a case of the makers discovering something they like: Deep Breath saw the debut of a new title sequence originally designed by Billy Hanshaw, after executive producer Steven Moffat discovered a popular video of the graphic artist's ...


Any incidental music of a nature such as this is written by the residing Music Director. When making a movie, music must be licensed and is done so when a particular scene requires a particular piece of established music. The scene in question features "incidental music", which is handled by a single musician across the entire production. In this movie, ...

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