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While technically the recording is true and all based on vocalization, in a competition setting, it wasn't accurate. There weren't enough girls on stage to do the complexity of the song. There were so many layers of sound that's possible in a studio but not in a stage setting with the limited number of girls on stage. You can't be simultaneously singing ...


The initial discussion regarding cues may be done reasonably early, as the edit is being put together; the director and composer will meet to discuss and hear basic ideas, sometimes even just on a piano played live over some key sections. As the final edit is neared, and timings are closer to finalised, the cues can then be expanded into initial ...


"The Devil's Gallop" by Charles Williams


Are you absolutely sure it's not on the soundtrack? Track six of the soundtrack, "Hollywood and Vines," has that melody, on cello, and seems to be a good fit. Here is a link to YouTube with the track in question. The part you ask about starts about 50 seconds in. Incidentally, it's in Pilot - Part 2, were they leave the beach as you remember. This is when ...


I found a complete English translation of this song (and great interview with the director) which has been haunting me ever since I saw this film a few weeks ago: I want to be with you again Even when I fight, I am with you in my dreams I´ll be back, I´ll sail back on a paper ship I´ll come back to you from over the seas Don´t believe it if they say I won´t ...


The tune is a piece of production music called Holiday Playtime, written by Cedric King-Palmer. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0658150/


I believe it's part of a Jeff beck tune, Nadia. Here is a version of it thou this one has some backing.Nadia, Jeff Beck

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