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The episode aired in May 2005, and an article in the the Seattle News from October 2006 (Just Put Your Lips Together) discusses the career of pro whistler Steve Herbst, mentioning that he "recently contributed to an episode of Malcolm in the Middle." Think this must be your man.


It's Billie Holiday's original. Do note that the makers edited the song somewhat. Unless the version on Netflix has a different version, but I doubt a recent TV show hasn't secured all necessary rights for such usage.


I found a version of it on you tube. Itssounds exactly like it. Search under Strange Fruit and it should give you several to choose from including a version from Nina Simone and Annie Lennox. The one I found and compared to was Billie Holiday w/lyrics. She is on the album cover with a blue background. I sure hope that it turns out to be what you're looking ...


If you're talking about the scene that starts around 1:06:30 (on my copy, anyway) when she's running into the campus radio station and the station manager offers her a slot in the lineup, it looks like it's a remix of Bulletproof by LaRoux and Release Me by Agnes: ...


The rap song is Ante Up by M.O.P.

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