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The two songs in the official Deadpool trailers (Red and Green band) are Salt n Peppa- Shoop, and DMX - X Gon' Give It To Ya.


Well jinx is a game when two people say one word at once and whoever does not say jinx has to be silent or else the other person will punch them until they stop talking.


The song was popular among fighters back in the war in 1992, Irakli Charkviani’s Qavagadi Navi (A Paper Boat) – a promise to return no matter what.


Movies tend to credit commercial music used in the order they are played on screen, minus duplicates for songs that are played multiple times, in which case the first time they are played determines their place in the credits. Depending on if the movie has an original score, it's hit and miss if they list any of it (The Maze Runner being one without any ...

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