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There are plenty of recent vehicles (Tara's, Gemma's, Pope's, etc). As for phones, I'm pretty sure that both Tara and their lawyer have been shown using smartphones. The club members are shown with flip-phones because often the cheap, no-contract style phones (at least here in the US) are the older style flip phones. It's much easier to use those as "burner" ...


In this article, Kurt Sutter is said to say: While Kurt would love to keep the pit bull that Tig rescued as a club mascot, he says that the dog's day rate is a little too far out of the budget. Also, Sutter says that Gemma's birds have become a running gag and she has a new one every couple episodes. There will likely not be a return of any bird in ...


I know there was an explanation of the change between the Cockatoo and the cockatiel either in the episode "Family Recipe" or in the deleted scenes. Tig asks Gemma what happened to the bird. She said he had a heart attack. There is no explanation of what happened to her cockatiel "Clay".

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