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I believe that "this is my show" is meant to tell us that the host wants to be the show's only star. Due to his success and back story, Jamal was becoming very popular. The host knew that should this chaiwalah win the ultimate prize, his popularity would explode and eclipse his own. Jamal would become the show's biggest star overnight. The host's ego couldn'...


Probably several things combined: they keep it clean so it is more attractive then the outdoors solution they give people using the stall a sense of security (=nobody will disturb them) when its the only option around, people have no choice but to pay them, and they just take advantage of it


I guess there was a dialogue where the host said and I don't remember the exact dialogue, but it was something like this "No chai wallah can come from the slums and become a millionaire. Only person has done it so far and that's me." I am pretty sure there was such a line which establishes the fact that the host himself had a rags to riches story ...


Latika was not muslim. The name 'Latika' is prevalent in India for hindu girls, although this name is not very common. Secondly, in India, several muslim men have married hindu women, so that is not an alient concept either.


In this article proposing a possible alternative to Mumbai's lack of sanitation, it explains that without a sewage system, people have a choice of defecating in the open, in a government toilet if there is one available, or in a private pay-per-use toilet. Urination is free for men using urinals or nature. For women, urination is more problematic. They can ...


Here's some possible background on the situation you see: In Mumbai, a Campaign Against Restroom Injustice It seems unlikely that men use these toilets very often anyhow. But then it also seems unlikely that children would be guarding them rather than grown men. And they probably don't get cleaned very often. Has anyone read the book Q&A that the ...


It is not clear anywhere in movie to what religion she belonged. She was shown as orphan, it may be possilbe she never knew what religion her parents belonged to. As far as her name Latika is concerned, it is used by both muslims and hindus. It seems the director didn't want to show her as associated with any religion. If you look at her life, most of the ...


The thugs slashed her face after snatching her from the train station. From her Wiki page: One day, Jamal confesses his love for Latika after he finds her and Salim with Javed. After a while, Latika escapes and meets Jamal at the train station but is recaptured by Javed's thugs. Salim slashes her face with a knife as punishment.


The interesting thing about the film (and the book it is based on) is that Jamal knows answers to questions (and many of them in a row) - which he should not have known otherwise. However, due to co-incidence, there have been situations in his life (fortunate and unfortunate) which cause him to know the answers to all the question (and this is what the ...

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