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Probably several things combined: they keep it clean so it is more attractive then the outdoors solution they give people using the stall a sense of security (=nobody will disturb them) when its the only option around, people have no choice but to pay them, and they just take advantage of it


In this article proposing a possible alternative to Mumbai's lack of sanitation, it explains that without a sewage system, people have a choice of defecating in the open, in a government toilet if there is one available, or in a private pay-per-use toilet. Urination is free for men using urinals or nature. For women, urination is more problematic. They can ...


Here's some possible background on the situation you see: In Mumbai, a Campaign Against Restroom Injustice It seems unlikely that men use these toilets very often anyhow. But then it also seems unlikely that children would be guarding them rather than grown men. And they probably don't get cleaned very often. Has anyone read the book Q&A that the ...

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