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From BBC America - Five Bizarre Things About British Television: The Six Episode Season Most British drama or comedy shows have a very short season. The classic amount for comedies is just six episodes per series – The Office being a prime example – and there’s one very good reason for this. American comedy is a producer’s medium, in which an ...


To expand on Donald's answer, larger budgets in the US mean many more writers. American sitcoms are typically written in large teams (20+ writers), with one writer penning an episode that includes contributions from all on the team. (Incidentally The Simpsons' writers have stated on DVD commentaries that the credited writer only ends up with about 30% of the ...


The most likely explanation is simple economics. Since the US population is approximately five times that of Great Britain, the television viewership is significantly larger, allowing for larger budgets per episode and more total episodes.


I believe you're talking about Dweebs, a show described as: Warren ( Peter Scolari), was a young computer software writer whose programs had made him a legend in the industry. Unfortunately, he was painfully shy and socially maladjusted as well as eccentric ( to come up with ideas for the next " killer app," he bounced on a trampoline in his office). His ...


A lot of this depends on the TV schedule, and if the season was filmed before it ran on TV. Some networks will purchase a season in it's completed form. This covers the costs of production and film crew. It's much more expensive to hire a crew for 12 weeks, then for 12 days. So you could film 12 episodes quickly and air them on TV over a weekly schedule to ...


Ed Stone Is Dead - with British comedian Richard Blackwood. Ed Stone Is Dead was a 2002 BBC sitcom starring Richard Blackwood, Daniel Brocklebank, Bill Paterson and Claudie Blakley. It centers on Ed Stone who accidentally is killed by the grim reaper Nigel and becomes half-dead.


Lotion is not a metaphor for masturbation. It's evidence that the act has transpired, because it's a tool used in the act of masturbation. Kleenex is also used in the act.


The purpose of the “B” story or subplot is so that the supporting characters in the program have something to do in addition to providing reactions to and validation for the actions of the protagonist. The B story/subplot interweaves with the main story and often provides the main story with added measure of heft that it may lack to to editing and the need ...


The complex answer is yes and no. Sitcoms are "situation comedies" and therefore require a comedic value to situations. Let's be clear, the average person doesn't have 23 comedic situations per year. There may be that many or more misunderstandings, but most misunderstandings in romantic relations (let's skip politics) can be corrected before it escalates to ...


First of all, a sitcom is about one thing, being funny. In order to be funny, sitcoms sometimes play off of stereotypes about cultures. Stereotypes should never be used by one culture to judge another culture. An excerpt from the wikipage on the subject: A stereotype is a thought that may be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways ...


Not much to go by but you could try the IT crowd which is known for mocking the lacking computer skills of non-IT-people. Maybe you saw one of those episodes.


I think that Oliver_C has the best answer with information to back it up, but I would like to point out that there are many long running British shows too. Are You Being Served, Last of the Summer Wine to name two. The Office wasn't a hit when it first aired. It could be described as "brilliant but cancelled". Coupling aired in the U.S. and was quickly ...

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