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The silence literally means helplessness. The movie touches the psychological problem of dealing with people of disabled, naive and infantile mind, as of the maniac character.


The title comes from the very last line of the book. As Andrew Martin states, early in the book, Starling and Lecter have a conversation about her having nightmares with screaming lambs and that she thinks the nightmares will stop if she can save Catherine The book finishes with Clarice Starling having saved Catherine, and true to the conversation, her ...


It refers to a conversation between Clarice and Hannibal Lecter. In order for Lecter to help with her investigation, he demands she tell him information from her personal life, to satisfy his curiosity. Her story begins with her upbringing in West Virginia with her father. He was later shot. She lived with her mother, but was sent away to live with her ...


I think when Starling arrived at Lippmans house and Gum answered and invited her inside she began to get creeped out. Foster's demeanor immediately changed when she went inside "like a 6th sense". Also Gum asked the question if the "they" were close to catching someone, then mocked the police. Guilty people often ask about the investigation in a causal ...

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