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The answer is simple and can be stated with a single word: Observation. In A Scandal In Bohemia, Holmes says to Watson (during yet another scene where Watson is amazed that Holmes seem to know things supernaturally), "You see, but do not observe." People often use Holmes to illustrate this key ability.


Sherlock was never a fraud. He was a smartass all the way, but everything he says is calculated and calm, unless there is something severely hard for him like John, trying to make him more socially acceptable. When he first meets John, John walks into the lab and stays standing even though there is a chair directly behind him. That means that he has some ...


It's to show the connection between the crimes that only Sherlock would realize, so that none of the people at the police station would try to keep Sherlock out of it. Also, it shows that even though the criminal knows so much about Sherlock, he did not use the actual phone because he needed to see how good Sherlock was

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