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While the medical use of the terms are interchangeable, most people in common language use them differently: psychopath - a berserker who has gone crazy and is running around killing people, smashing stuff etc. Think "psychotic" for the mental image sociopath - someone who really doesn't care about society's norms, such as not killing or hurting other ...


Knowing the original stories and many adaptations, I'm 99% sure, that Sherlock is a high functioning Asperger's, he's NOT a sociopath- it's only the BBC series' writer's fantasy. 'Sociopath' and 'psychopath' are the SAME thing, only different areas of medical and psychological research and different countries used different terms. Quoted from here


The scene between Sherlock and John, where Sherlock is having an emotional break down in "Hounds of Baskerville", is similar to a scene in an episode of Star Trek called "Naked Time" where Spock has an emotional break down and confesses to feeling shame when he feels friendship towards Jim Kirk, his captain and best friend. In "Baskerville", Sherlock angrily ...

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