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Great question! This isn't discussed at any point in the movie, but in the Stephen King novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption which the movie was based on, Andy did order multiple rock hammers. From the story: Time continued to pass - the oldest trick in the world, and maybe the only one that really is magic. But Andy Dufresne had changed. He ...


Andy, as both a model prisoner and a cog in the warden's money laundering scheme, was given 2 priveleges; the last cell on the end of the row (a coveted cell for Andy because of its distance from most activity, which made it quieter), and a cell of his own. You may recall that he didn't set out to dig a tunnel, it just started when a chunk of the wall fell ...


His cell was the last one on the row, so there was no cell next to his. Edit: I should say, his cell was the last on the row and only had 1 adjacent cell to the left and he dug out a hole on the right wall.

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