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While multi-questions usually aren't allowed, I think I can answer all of these after having spent some time in prison: Red pays the guards from the money given to him by the prisoners. Likely in a very secure environment like one of the workshops. The prisoners pay Red from their bank accounts. Prisoners work and they get paid for that work, plus their ...


I'll start at the end. Then how did they find his finger prints on the murder weapon? They didn't, you've simply misremembered this part. The murder weapon was never recovered. Andy's fingerprints were found on a broken bottle and some bullets found near the scene of the crime. The revolver that the DA (shrewdly) shows at court is not the murder weapon ...


I think it's because for the first time he acts human. Any animal will do exactly what you want them to do for a treat. But a human has respect for him or herself and character. They where not going to release a caged animal. They needed to see his humanity.

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