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Although there is no hard and fast official answer for this (at least not an obvious one), Conway Twitty used to be known as The High Priest of Country Music and held sway over his audience, often being described as 'mesmerizing'. To this end, the makers of Family Guy have used his live performances as a distraction whenever a particularly bad taste joke or ...


Here is an interview that Seth MacFarlane did with Kevin Pollak where he actually asks him about that specifically. http://www.kevinpollakschatshow.com/archive/?cat=202 The discussion of the overall theme of the long running joke that Family Guy does starts at around 1:03:00 The last of the discussion is at 1:11:00. The specific Conway Twitty cutaway part is ...


Reading through the Wikipedia list of episodes confirms that no, he never did get a girlfriend.

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