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The reason for the animosity is never revealed on the show, however, Jerry Seinfeld gave a reason in commentary to the DVDs: from Wikipedia: see the section under Personality When asked about why the character Jerry hates Newman, Jerry Seinfeld explained it in the Season 3 DVD inside look of the show: He was the first person on the show, my own show, who ...


The answer is no. In most of the series, Jerry Seinfeld performed a standup routine at the beginning and end of each episode, the theme of which relates to the events depicted in the plot. In later seasons, these standup clips became less frequent. In Season 8, the opening (and closing) stand-up comedy segments were discarded, replaced by more ...


Clitoris, though it only rhymes with a specific pronunciation (cli-TO-ris instead of CLI-toris). It's discussed on the episode's Wiki page which also explains George's bizarre name suggestions (e.g. Loleola) and includes this little tidbit: According to the "Inside Look" from the DVD, the writers had trouble coming up with a name for Jerry's girlfriend, ...


NBC asked if I had any ideas for a show, and I said no. They sent me away to think about it. Then, a month or two later, I bumped into Larry David (co-creator/executive producer/writer) at one of the clubs in New York and I was telling him about the meeting. We were walking around near one of those little Korean fruit stands that they have in New York, ...


From TV Tropes: As a way to draw special attention to the last actor on the list, their name will often be bracketed with an additional annotation, such as "With", "And", or "And Starring". Sometimes, this would be elaborated even further, giving the name of the character portrayed by the actor. In the past, this was reserved for either the ...


According to tv.com: It was reported in Allure magazine that the dance moves Elaine made were completely Lorne Michaels (noted Saturday+Night+Live producer) own moves.


Unfortunately it is an unsolved mystery; those are the only 2 times his brother is mentioned and there is much more of him claiming otherwise. It could only be a common "movie" mistake, since there is not any weight put on his brother he is only used as a subject in a response. In other case it could only be that his is just sarcastic when telling he is ...


The similarities between the real Jerry and the fictionalized Jerry are subtle. Since his life as a comedian was the show's core, there was great reason to tie the real and fictionalized characters together. They did so using the name of the character. Also, I am sure there was a bit of ego involved.


This page provides info on Seinfeld filming locations and it seems that the club's name is Catch A Rising Star Comedy Club located in New York. Jerry Seinfeld used to perform stand up at the Catch A Rising Star Comedy Club, which is now the Vudu Lounge at 1487 1st Avenue. In the late 90's the club was located at 253 W. 28th Street, which was seen ...


Newman sabotaged Jerry (and other characters) by being a tattle-tale, trouble-maker and "agitator" (S9E12). For example: He tattled to Jerry's parents when he saw Jerry making out during Schindlers List (S5E18) He tattled on Jerry for sleeping with a woman whose boyfriend was in a coma. Newman's dislike for Jerry appears to stem from anger at Jerry's ...


According to a documentary I watched seinfeld didn't change his name because he has based it on his life, he also used the series to showcase his standup comedy talents


I mean, the show is called Seinfeld. I think much of the basis of the show is that it is an exaggerated interpretation of his own life. A viewer is meant to believe that the Jerry we watch in Seinfeld is the same Jerry we see doing stand up comedy.

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