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John Doe planned this meticulously for a very long time, and with the exception of that small glitch where Somerset and Mills find his apartment a bit too early, it's safe to say his plan is carried out. However, Doe's plan involves 7 victims representing each sin, but not necessarily performing them or dying for them: The Gluttony victim was indeed killed ...


The original ending which can be seen in the link provided by you, shows a very quick flash of Gwyneth Paltrow's face before Mills shoots Doe. It is quite possible that this is the source of confusion. But you can check this for your self (at 3:57 exactly) that this does look not like a severed head. Significance of the scene is that Mills thinks ...


i think, the victims were killed by the corresponding deadly sin. the fat guy died by eating, the whore by sex, the junkie by lying in bed. in the last scene, Tracy died by Doe's jealousy hence "envy" then Doe died by Mills' hatred hence "wrath"

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