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Envy is killing the wife of the policeman. Wrath is the policeman killing the murderer. I can't remember pride, I should rewatch it to spot it. But the point of the movie was, that the killer used the detective to complete the series. EDIT: Before finding time to watch the movie, I looked up Wikipedia and found: Some time later, they investigate the ...


The original ending which can be seen in the link provided by you, shows a very quick flash of Gwyneth Paltrow's face before Mills shoots Doe. It is quite possible that this is the source of confusion. But you can check this for your self (at 3:57 exactly) that this does look not like a severed head. Significance of the scene is that Mills thinks ...


According to The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) there are only 17 movies (including shorts) that uses this rolling down credits technique, the earliest being just the one you used as example: Kiss Me Deadly (1955). In the list of movies that match this request there's also, as you mentioned, Seven (1999). Recently, the movie Next(2007) used this approach, ...


There is another weakness. After all the well-planned murders to prove his point, he involves for the last two people, who recently moved in the city: Mills and his wife. Doe couldn't possibly have known about this. I have two theories explaining this. First: Doe got under pressure after the police caught his trace. He had to switch plans, so the last ...


The context and the character of the participants makes it very clear Note, as far as I recall the viewer never gets a glimpse inside the box, so, in one sense, the movie deliberately withholds evidence from the viewer. This might leave you doubting that Jon Doe had murdered Mills' wife. But the context of the scene does not. We know the characters of the ...


Given the "credibility" of the Kevin Spacey character (he hadn't failed to follow through...ever) I would think he can't possibly be "faking" his climax.


Not sure how an isolated, mentally challenged, psychotic can't envy the life of a simple man? Often geniuses become insane and often wish they were more simple. The saying "ignorrance is bliss" definitely came from somewhere. So what would be wrong with John Doe envying the life of a simple family man? I thought it was brilliant.


You should pay more attention! :-P You can see, John Doe explaining each of the sins he's done up until now in the car, in this video. PRIDE: The model is given a choice after having her face mutilated. Phone an ambulance or take an overdose. Her pride makes her take an overdose. He has two left by that time, Envy and Wrath. ENVY: John Doe tells ...


It is possible, it could have been a fake head in the box etc. However, going on Mills's character I think it is more likely he actually killed her and sent the severed head.


i think, the victims were killed by the corresponding deadly sin. the fat guy died by eating, the whore by sex, the junkie by lying in bed. in the last scene, Tracy died by Doe's jealousy hence "envy" then Doe died by Mills' hatred hence "wrath"


ISTR that pride was the girl who had her nose cut off and then took an overdose (tablets glued to one hand) rather than phone an ambulance (phone glued to the other hand).

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