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From Wikipedia: The role of Janitor was originally devised as a one-time gag in the series' pilot episode, Lawrence admitted: "When we watched the pilot, we knew instantly we had to keep this guy around." so he wasn't even meant to be on the whole first season. In season two he is also shown in the extended opening video credit. But that had to return ...


As far as I remember Ben died during the episode. Someone said that he always carries his camera with him and he wouldn't go anywhere without it. At some point in the episode you can start seeing him without the camera - I would say that's the sign of him beeing dead.


AFAIK, he died while Dr. Cox was out (I think he was to pay bail for the clown for his son's birthday party). JD hears being assigned to perform the tests, to which he protests that he is already overworked. So at that point Ben is alive. When Dr. Cox returns to the hospital, JD's attitude is extremely sad and defensive, to the point of introducing the ...

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