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Ramona:Maybe I'm not the one you should have been fighting for..... ... Scott: Wait, I feel like I learned something... Upon Ramona's words in sub-space, Scott starts to contemplate what he was fighting for. He finally realizes that he was fighting merely for blind love instead of fighting for himself. Wronging so many people on the way: ...


Off the wiki it says: Unlike the book, where they are devious, plan extensively, and speak at great length; the movie shows them as silent attackers in one scene only. This is due to multiple factors. The length of the movie was one, finding gorgeous Japanese identical twins who spoke English was another; The Saitos couldn't speak English. To reiterate:...


A big indicator of success is arguably wealth, and a big indicator of wealth is conspicuous consumption, i.e public displays of luxury items/expensive goods. A lot of very shallow, very vain wealthy people believe that it is appropriate (and important) to publicly and conspicuously display items that immediately indicate their financial/social status; such ...


I think it is suggesting that her clothes are cheap, which is supposed to be offensive.

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