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I think I found it - The Visitor - with John Corbett ... a one season show. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Visitor_(TV_series)


You're looking for the movie Serenity. It was probably a blockbuster Alot of hoopla, but it was a flop. Budget $39 million Box office $38.9 million I cannot remember the main story but it was around people flying in space with a mission They were confronted to a race / mutated humans who were extremely aggressive and were flying from planet ...


I have only watched Firefly and not Serenity, but the mutants you described definitely made me think of the reavers from the show. By chance I found this question, which inadvertently provides an answer: Why does Serenity have a cannon in “Serenity”?, Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange The accepted answer there sounds like it's what you are ...


The robots sound like they may be from Space Truckers (1996), and in the first scene, one does indeed burn through a door with its tri beam head laser to attack troops. This is the best image I could find at the moment:


Sounds like Tank Girl There is a scene where Malcolm McDowell's character puts a girl in said tube upside down and starts to fill it with water, it's pretty far in, close to the end.


I don't have much to go on here, but my first though is you might be looking for "Immortal (2004)". (This was the most "work safe" image I could find of the two characters) The year is 2095 and the ancient Egyptian gods have returned to Earth to cast judgment on the falcon-headed god Horus in this epic fantasy from comic-book creator Enki Bilal. Given ...


This must be an episode of Amazing Stories: The 21-Inch Sun But where did that first script come from. It turns out that a variegated spider plant is responsible. She (we are assured it's a she and he names her Lucy) actually covers the portable typewriter, and writes scripts. They begin a kind of cottage industry. Unfortunately, he gets in with the TV ...

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