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Found it. Space (1999). The creature was dragon.


This one matches your description 30 Years to Life Original title "Nightworld: 30 Years to Life" Storyline In the near future, instead of being sent to prison criminals are aged for the number of years the system feels is adequate to the crime they committed. Vincent Dawson is a 15 year old, whose late father was a musician who didn't exactly make ...


I think you might be talking about Macross also known as Robotech.


Absolute shot in the dark, but could it be Hellraiser: Bloodline? The film begins at Space Station Minos in the year 2127. Paul Merchant, the man who built the station, has a robot solve the Lament Configuration (the robot is subsequently destroyed); however, several guards led by Rimmer capture Paul. Paul tells Rimmer the story of his bloodline. It's ...


Could it have been Alien Cargo? It was a UPN or WB movie in the late 90s. If they stayed cold, the artifact didn't hurt them. If they got hot, it made them murderously angry. It ends with them flying into the sun.


I think you probably mean Supernova, with Robin Tunney, recently of Mentalist fame. Also Angela Bassett and James Spader. Released in 2000. From imdb plot summary: Supernova chronicles the search and rescue patrol of a medical ship in deep space in the early 22nd century and its six-member crew which includes a Captain and Pilot, a co-pilot, a medical ...


If the knife was made of white crystal, you may be thinking of Doctor Mordrid - a low-budget fantasy film from 1992. Among the weapons utilized by Mordrid are several crystal knives which are shaped exactly like your drawing. There's also a character who looks somewhat like Ernest Borgnine with a beard (it was Ritch Brinkley). I don't remember one of ...


Sounds like you're after 90s kids show Van-Pires (seriously), which was one of the first shows to incorporate a large amount of CGI with live action and is about about teens hanging out in a junkyard who can turn into cars: The Van-Pires [...] stories center on a group of human teenagers who protect and defend the world from evil anthropomorphized ...

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