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Jigsaw was just testing her and her husband he didn't intend to survive that's why he recorded that little tape that he ate at the bed,also he was testing Amanda along the way. In saw 3D you can see Lawrence Gordon suggesting Lynn Denlon as a test subject to John along few other quick cut scenes of him setting the traps. Why would he test Lynn since she ...


From Sawpedia: Zep formed a sort of bond with John [Kramer] while he was being treated, but was considered to have "issues of his own" by him. Zep talked about the doctors behind their backs, saying that they were all having affairs and calling Dr. Lawrence Gordon a cold-hearted bastard. John seemed to see a lot of his own actions in Zep's goals, ...


Spoilers for Saw 3D ahead:


This is one of the traps that makes the least sense in the series. Taken in account that it was Gordon that sewed Trevor's eyes shut, and Hoffman does not know that Gordon is working with Jigsaw, we can determine this is a Jigsaw trap, probably one of his last as there is not even a tape at the beginning, the trap just starts. In the saw wiki In a ...


There are so so many theories regarding the possible answer to your question. This question has been discussed a plenty no of times in different forums in the internet. So I see no extra room to come up with my own theories. Some of the theories I found after hitting the Google are: First Theory: 1) During Saw IV, Amanda's ability to pick up the much ...


I'm going to say it's a created sound effect. I've fairly exhaustively searched online and I can find nothing about who created it. I'm of the mind that that's because it was too commonplace to credit. It's a simple thing to create and many similar laugh sounds can be found (for free) across the Internet. So I'm saying - artificially created sound effect. I ...


The F.B.I Knew it was unusual that Jigsaw used Amanda twice in the traps and when Danial was found he told them Amanda knew the way etc and they kept it quiet + Amanda wanted them to know that's why Danial survived + by that time Jigsaw is clever and knew police would know that a dieing man would not beable to do the traps alone. Simples!!! By Djxtra

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