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There were a couple of reasons for this. 1) Sam Raimi (director) and Bruce Campbell are good friends and Bruce normally gets cameo's in his films. 2) There was a rumor before and after Spider-man 3 Bruce Campbell was going to become Mysterio as Mysterio constantly blames Spider-man for his failed acting and stunt gigs.(source)


One possible reason might be the desired to avoid too much angst. A Gwen Stacy plot has to end with Peter blaming himself for Gwen's death, and being blamed by her father. We already have that plot element in any Spider-man origin story with the death of Uncle Ben. Running the same plot device twice in the same movie seems wrong. Those of us who were ...


From an interview with Bruce Campbell: When did you first meet the Raimis? I was born in the same hospital as Sam Raimi – the William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oaks. I met Sam in junior high – very briefly while I was with a friend of his – and he was dressed as Sherlock Holmes, playing with dolls. I thought he was a creepy weirdo, and I ...


I'd reason it's because Mary Jane was the more famous/iconic choice for Peter's love interest at the time of the original films and the writers/producers wanted to try their best to appeal to a wider audience. The Mary Jane entry on Wikipedia notes: According to co-creator Stan Lee, Mary Jane was originally intended to be simply a rival for Gwen Stacy ...

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