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Cossacs. Looks like story about Cossacs. Russian wiki link It's Soviet cartoon and there are a number of episodes, actually.


The movie is called Russkies, starting Joaquin Phoenix, Whip Hubley, and Peter Billingsley (of Ralph/The Christmas Story fame). Great 80's flick


This is a hard (if not impossible question to answer, seeing that many early films have been lost in fires etc.) but I will try point you in the right direction. Seeing as dialog is a factor in your question the film must have been made after 1927, when the jazz singer was announced as the first "talkie". Then we have a span of 11 years where the movie you ...


Could it be The Osterman Weekend? Note the tagline on the poster:


The movie is called Interview with a Hitman and was released in 2012. Interview with a Hitman is a 2012 British action film[2] written and directed by Perry Bhandal. The film follows the life story of Viktor (Luke Goss), a professional Romanian hitman who talks about his own life and his path to become a hitman via interview with a local journalist. It ...

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